Proud light entrepreneuer of openinnovations.

My interests range from Open Source to Information Security. I am also interested in web development, Cryptocurrencies, and zeitgeist movement.

Every now and then I’m a light entrepreneuer, mostly helping my neighbors around or then again, because of my background, also do some web-projects, mostly on LAMP- and MERN-stack.

I’m also a member of the Pirate Party, COSS and EFFI. Usually I’m online (or then again, reachable) 24/7, but if I’m not online, I’m probably cruising with my longboard.

Also, I have a great taste of humor, although not everyone gets it, because it’s a bit dark and nerdy. Occupational hazards, I guess. I’m constantly looking for new IT-projects to help people out and to improve myself and to sharpen my skill set.