When talking about ChatGPT - First I was afraid, then I was petrified

I have to say that I wasn’t so into AI, before. I know, samething happened with blockchains. But nowadays, I think, it’s a handy tool. So if you’re not yet tried it, I would recommend it. Now I’m using ChatGPT on a daily basis.

Couple of queries that I have recently asked about ChatGPT is that should I get a new passport or new ID-card, or then again, which one is better company, Eezy or Ukko for light entrepreneurship. For me, chatGPT chosed Ukko over Eezy. Of course, I have asked ChatGPT about cryptocurrencies also, because that is the “easiest” way to get rich.

Something to keep in mind

  • Never, ever share your personal information and or data with ChatGPT, keep it casual.
  • If you are a coder like me, never, ever share customer data, for example database, any credentials, etc.

Also keep in mind, that even though, it’s a handy tool, it’s not always right. So it’s a good practice to validate the information with Google, for example.