As you might have heard already, my journey with Citrus Solutions has come to an end and now I’m looking for new adventures. I’m still working on with my CV and GitHub repositories, so that everything is up to date.

In the meantime, if you know someone, who needs a guy, who knows something about PHP, Linux and cyber security, I’m your guy. Well besides that, I know a thing or two about computers and networks and how do they work.

My role at Citrus was a full stack web developer (trainee / junior), but I prefer backend. Citrus made me a quite good Drupalist. On that journey with Citrus, I came familiar with new technologies, like Azure, Docker, Gulp, Openshift, Platform.sh, and Webpack. Let’s not forget about Jira, version control and Scrum and / or Agile.

My supervisor at Citrus promised me to recommend me, so if you’re interested, please contact him at, joni.pinomäki (at) citrus.fi . He can tell you better how did I manage with the projects and customer support.

Normally my salary wish is around 2050-2550 euros/month (without taxes) but then again I can work as a freelancer, around 50-65 euros/hour, but because then I would be a light entrepreneur, so I have to take account of what Ukko or Eezy is taking off from the salary and that the salary is something, that I can cope with.

So if you’re interested in me, who can be at the same time as bold as an unsecure, but proactive and still willing to learn more and who won’t let you down. I’m your guy! jussi.k.jokinen (at) gmail.com.