Pi network,

It has been awhile, since I’ve been working with cryptocurrencies, but I fell in love with it immediately, because of the name and ease of use (mining).

About Pi network, it’s not actually so new, but a friend of mine recommended me to start mining it and when I mentioned it to another friend who is interested in cryptocurrencies, he told me that he was already mining it.

So basically, at the moment, Pi “coin” status is like, that it’s not yet on the market, it’s like on “mining stage”. So, so far, you can’t really tell, what happens to the “coin”, when it comes to market. Now the market value is around 30-40 US dollars. The value might drop down, or go through the roof. You never know, but if I were you, I might give it a try, because it’s easy money and the app doesn’t eat your battery.

So I’ve been mining Pi for like 2 months now and so called earnings are around, 400 US dollars, so why wait, it’s easy money and if the bubble burst, you didn’t basically loose anything. So far, it looks promising.

So feel free to join our mining team at n00bsaiboth at Pi networks and if it asks a referral code, use ‘n00bsaiboth’ without the ‘’ characters. I would really appreciate it you to join our mining team and start thinking about your future ferrari color (or Lamborghini color). To the moon!