Couple of months ago we told you about Pi network and it’s not too late to start mining. Feel free to join our mining team at n00bsaiboth at Pi networks. As you can see the price is still the same, so it’s more or less stable, at the moment. You can see the current market value here.

As Pi Network seems to be quite stable and reliable token at the moment, but wait there is more.

I haven’t yet googled these out, so they might not be as stable or reliable as Pi Network and might even be a scam, but you never know.

For starters I have to say that I’m not a huge fan of Telegram, but these miners work on Telegram. So it’s necessary to use it. Here or some invitations.

What I’ve noticed so far and like I told, that I’m not a huge fan of Telegram, but you can run these simultaneously, which is pretty cool. Hot wallet and Cybase can run on it’s own, but on Hamster Kombat, you need to tap the screen to gain and collect tokens, but I’m sure you can do that few times a day.

Like I told I haven’t investigated the above tokens so far, but please let me know what you think about those.

I think it was W-coin, where you can choose your mining pool and or blockchain, so I would recommend for you to choose TON.


Forget about the bonus, it’s probably more or less of a scam. Same goes for DIT (digital insurance token). That is probably a scam too, because the site is quite often down and you can’t find the app from the Google Play Store.